Kimothy Wu Artworks
FICTIONS: "Ripples"


FICTIONS: "Ripples"

“The ripples had traveled too far

and had slowly disintegrated.

I was a soul in paralysis

- waiting to be moved.”


“I wished to be like flowers

- wild and beautiful

and drenched in light.”

FICTIONS: "Colors"

"I've lost my colors," she said softly to no one in particular. The sun had begun to set and the world was coated in a brilliance she could not comprehend.

FICTIONS: "Masquerade"

“I wish to show my face one day at a masquerade.”

Sunset in Vietnam

I took the colours that I associated with a trip to Vietnam, and turned them into an illustration after which I animated using a layering technique in Adobe After Effects.


The poem is a Native American poem spoken by a famous chief after he witnessed his tribe being captured after a 1,400-mile journey to escape to Canada.

I wish to speak on the topic of rhinos and the sorrow I feel in their obliviousness to the urgent calls-to-action to ensure their survival as a species.

Interactive Tea Room (Demo)

The intention is for this to be a virtual reality interactive environment where as you approach the scrolls, you are absorbed into the world that is contained within the scrolls.

Created in Unity3D.

A TIME, ONCE (Unity3D Cinematic)

A work inspired by the Toyokawa Inari Shrine just outside of Tokyo, Japan. I wanted to recreate the safe, calm feeling that I felt walking through the shrine while also conveying the story of the goddess that rode a white fox, and hence why the shrine was built in her honor.


Inspired by the Japanese folktale of the "parade of one hundred dreaded demons".

Created in Unity3D.