Kimothy Wu Artworks


b. 1986, HK.


Storyteller |

Illustrator |


“We are the Knights who say... NI.”


Rhino Rescue Project
The Roosevelt Coffeehouse
Fight For Growth
Human Rights Campaign Columbus
Greater Columbus Sister Cities International
Alger Magazine
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Kimothy Wu is a South African-born digital artist focused in the realms of illustration, video and animation, and virtual reality. Her fascination with the “untold story”, where the subjects in her work often go unnoticed in the everyday stream of information and imagery, has led her to recreating her personal delight in discovering the natural world and sharing it in a public sphere.

Deeply inspired by the vast and magnificent landscapes of her birth country, her video and virtual reality works explore the relationship between humans and nature’s multitude of other lifeforms. Her use of emotive imagery aims to evoke the “inner child” in her audiences - to play, touch and experience the world from a shifted perspective.

As an avid reader of books during her childhood, she gained an appreciation of education through storytelling. Her works serve to inform her audiences of endangered species and the environments they are reliant on. This is conveyed through a whimsically colourful style and minute details, which encourages the audience to come closer toward the artworks, observe as if in nature, and spend time piecing together the story.